12_Hottai-no-Taki Waterfall


12. Hottai-no-Taki Waterfall

location:  Chokai Machi Momoyake, Yurihonjo – 40 minutes by car from Yashima railway station

The waterfall collects water from melting snow on Mount Chokai and the surrounding spring water.
It is also the source of Koyoshi River which flows through the Yuri area.
The waterfall drops in 3 sections:-
top section:  there is a trekking course at the top of the waterfall which leads to the trailhead for climbing Mount Chokai;
middle section: unusual holes of various sizes appear around the riverbed, which are of significant academic interest;
bottom section:  the main cascade at the bottom plunges into a large pool of water.
The overall length of the waterfall is 100m, with a width which varies between 3~30m.  The elevation from the highest point to the bottom is 57.4m.
In 1960 Hottai-no-Taki Waterfall was designated as a place of outstanding natural beauty by Akita Prefecture
The volume of water which cascades down the waterfall is remarkable, and visitors can experience its cold and clear water, which is a feature of this natural offering at the foot of Mount Chokai.

keywords:  nature, waterfall
features: cold water all year round, abundance of water, dynamic stream

written by S. Sato


14_Mototaki Waterfall


14. Mototaki Waterfall and underground spring water

location:  Kisakata-aza-hongo, Nikaho City – 20 minutes from Kisakata railway station by car

Legend says that all the frozen snow on Mount Chokai was absorbed into the ground 800 years ago, where it remained dormant under volcanic rocks for many centuries and now gushes out through moss-covered rocks, such as at Mototaki Waterfall.
The rare landscape here has become a focal point for its beauty and was also chosen as one of the 100 purest water sources in Japan by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
The stream of underground spring water flows into a waterfall 30m wide and from a height of 5m.  The water never runs dry and the current flows down in different directions.  The water flies off the mossy rocks and leaves traces of beautiful lines.
The contrast of this clear water and the green moss is both beautiful to behold and therapeutic for the mind.
This underground spring water is Mother Nature’s gift from Mount Chokai to us.

keywords:  nature, underground water
features:  water source, negative ions, mysterious

written by Y. Otaki

16_Naso-no-Shirataki Waterfall


16. Naso-no-Shirataki Waterfall

location:   Kisakata Kamigou, Nikaho-city – 25minutes by bus from JR Kisakata railway station and a further 15-minute walk

Standing at 26m high and with a width of 15m, Naso-no-Shirataki waterfall is one of the great waterfalls in Akita.
The waterfall lies within the Chokai quasi-national park on the Naso River, whose water flows down from the nearby Mount Chokai.  With its abundance of water and natural environment, it was designated as a national scenic beauty spot in 1932.
At the entrance to the waterfall is Kinpou shrine, which has a large collection of cultural objects from the Heian Period of Japanese history (AD 794-1185).
After entering the precinct of this shrine, a stone path leads down to the river through old cedar trees and large rocks.  These rocks are thought to have been formed by lava after a volcanic eruption of Mount Chokai.
At the bottom of these steps the view opens up to reveal the cascading waterfall surrounded by trees.
You can gain a real sense of the energy and coolness of the waterfall near the basin.

keywords:  nature, waterfall
features:  full of water, negative ion

written by M. Takahashi