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14. Mototaki Waterfall and underground spring water

location:  Kisakata-aza-hongo, Nikaho City – 20 minutes from Kisakata railway station by car

Legend says that all the frozen snow on Mount Chokai was absorbed into the ground 800 years ago, where it remained dormant under volcanic rocks for many centuries and now gushes out through moss-covered rocks, such as at Mototaki Waterfall.
The rare landscape here has become a focal point for its beauty and was also chosen as one of the 100 purest water sources in Japan by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
The stream of underground spring water flows into a waterfall 30m wide and from a height of 5m.  The water never runs dry and the current flows down in different directions.  The water flies off the mossy rocks and leaves traces of beautiful lines.
The contrast of this clear water and the green moss is both beautiful to behold and therapeutic for the mind.
This underground spring water is Mother Nature’s gift from Mount Chokai to us.

keywords:  nature, underground water
features:  water source, negative ions, mysterious

written by Y. Otaki


名称 元滝伏流水(平成の水百選に選ばれている)

種別 自然 伏流水

場所 にかほ市象潟字本郷


イメージ 水源 マイナスイオン、神秘