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16. Naso-no-Shirataki Waterfall

location:   Kisakata Kamigou, Nikaho-city – 25minutes by bus from JR Kisakata railway station and a further 15-minute walk

Standing at 26m high and with a width of 15m, Naso-no-Shirataki waterfall is one of the great waterfalls in Akita.
The waterfall lies within the Chokai quasi-national park on the Naso River, whose water flows down from the nearby Mount Chokai.  With its abundance of water and natural environment, it was designated as a national scenic beauty spot in 1932.
At the entrance to the waterfall is Kinpou shrine, which has a large collection of cultural objects from the Heian Period of Japanese history (AD 794-1185).
After entering the precinct of this shrine, a stone path leads down to the river through old cedar trees and large rocks.  These rocks are thought to have been formed by lava after a volcanic eruption of Mount Chokai.
At the bottom of these steps the view opens up to reveal the cascading waterfall surrounded by trees.
You can gain a real sense of the energy and coolness of the waterfall near the basin.

keywords:  nature, waterfall
features:  full of water, negative ion

written by M. Takahashi


名称 奈曽の白滝(なそのしらたき)

種別 自然 滝

場所 にかほ市象潟上郷


イメージ 水量豊富 マイナスイオン