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7. The Great Buddha of Akata (Chokoku-ji Temple)

location: Akata Yurihonjo – 30 minutes from Honjo railway station by car

Chokoku-ji Temple was founded by Zesantaigaku Bonze in 1775.
The 11 Faces Kannon, better known as the Great Buddha of Akata, was completed in 1786, and the outer building, known as the Hall of the Great Buddha, was completed in 1794.
The precincts of the original temple were completely destroyed in a fire in 1888.  The present-day Kannon was rebuilt in 1892 and the reconstruction of the Hall of the Great Buddha was completed in 1896.
The Kannon is 7.87m high and made from mosaic cedar.  It was painted in lacquer and finished with gold paper.
The Hall of the Great Buddha is 21.2 high with a dual-layer wall.  A window in the upper part of the front of the building shows the face of the Kannon.  There is also a large, round pillar which acts as a support for the whole structure.
On February 11th each year a ceremony called “Daihan Kitoe” takes place here.  Participants pray for wisdom, peace and prosperity.
On August 22nd the annual “Shinbutsu Konkoku” festival is held. This festival incorporates gods from both the shinto and buddhist religions, a characteristic which is rarely found in Japan nowadays.
Please enjoy your visit to this religious site.

keywords:  traditions, religious belief
features:  tranquility,  peace of mind 

written by K. Asada



名称 長谷寺大仏殿 赤田の大仏

種別 信仰 風習

場所 由利本荘市赤田


イメージ 平穏 安心