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6. Shirase Antarctic Expedition Memorial Museum

location:  Konoura, Nikaho city – 5 minutes from Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway Konoura IC by car

The Shirase Antarctic Expedition Memorial Museum is a public science museum and memorial which is located in Nikaho city.  It opened in 1990 to commemorate the achievement of  Army Lieutenant Nobu Shirase, who led the first Japanese Antarctic Expedition in 1910.
Nobu Shirase devoted himself from a young age to his ambition of becoming an explorer.  Inside the museum there are graphic details of Nobu Shirase’s life as well as the crew of 30 men who shared Nobu’s spirit of adventure and participated on his epic voyage to Antarctica.
The museum also has exhibits about the British explorer Scott, who attempted to reach Antarctica at around the same time as Shirase.  Other displays cover the history of Japanese Antarctic expeditions from Shirase’s time to the present day.
Visitors to the museum can also see a snowmobile used on a later Antarctic expedition to the Showa Antarctic Base, as well as pick up and touch real ice brought back from Antarctica.

keywords:  science, history, expedition
features:  challenge, expedition, Antarctica

written by T. Yoshino


名称 白瀬南極探検隊記念館(しらせなんきょくたんけんたいきねんかん)

種別 科学 歴史 探検

場所 にかほ市金浦


イメージ 挑戦 探検 南極



当地出身で、日本人で初めて南極探検に挑んだ 陸軍中尉 白瀬矗(しらせのぶ)の業績を記念して1990年に旧金浦町に開館されました。