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4. Honjo Marina and Pleasure Beach

location:  Ishiwaki, Yurihonjo City – 15 minutes from Ugo Honjo railway station by car

This bathing beach has one of the widest sandy beaches, as well one of the biggest anti-flooding reservoirs, in Akita.  It was also selected as one of the 88 finest bathing beaches in Japan.
The adjacent free car park has a capacity for 1200 cars, along with showers, changing rooms and toilets.
The seawater here is warmer than on the opposite Pacific Ocean coast.  As a result, the summer months attract many young people and families to the beach from near and far.
Within A 2-minute drive from the bathing beach are other leisure facilities, including a camping site and a marina for large and small yachts.
With Mount Chokai and its surroundings as a backdrop, this spot is also a great place to view the sunset over the Japan Sea.
please come and visit this beach.

keywords:  sightseeing, sea bathing
features:  hot sandy beach and cold soda pop, warm sea water, sunset on the Japan Sea, view of the sea and Mount Chokai together

written by T. Miyazaki



名称 本荘マリーナ海水浴場


種別 観光 海水浴

場所 由利本荘市石脇


イメージ  暑い砂浜と冷たいサイダー、温かい海、日本海の夕陽、海と鳥海山の存在